Air Conditioning

Like all components, the air conditioning in your car needs regular attention to maximise efficiency and comfort.

The benefits of air conditioning

How do I tell when my Air Conditioning isn't working properly?

There are a couple of common signals that indicate your air conditioning isn't working properly.

Air isn't cold enough

This could be something as simple as having low levels of refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system (gas levels can diminish by around 15% each year).

A possible cause of gas loss could be the deterioration of certain seals within the system. This can happen during the winter months when the air conditioning isn't being used very often.

We can re-gas and check the state of your air conditioning system and would recommend this be carried out every two years. Contact us for more details.

Unpleasant odours

This is caused by the build up of bacteria within the air conditioning system itself. We can clean out the entire system as well as using treatments on the air intake and outlet vents which removes these unpleasant odours.

To stop this from occurring we would recommend you have the air conditioning system cleaned every year. Contact us for more details.